Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lysterfield TrailRider/Wild Places launch

Lysterfield Park in Melbourne saw the official launch of another Parks Victoria Trail Rider and the Wild Places DVD.

Brad Battin and John Kenwright
show off the chair
The event was opened by Brad Battin, State member for Gembrook.

The chair is available from the TrailMix cafe at the park.

Several exciting ideas came to the fore:

  • A volunteer sherpa program of some kind was discussed. A way that riders who did not have the right kind of family or friends could still go out there
  • The Oxfam walk - in a TrailRider in 2013. Brad even offered to push!


  1. Three years ago I would have looked at this and thought, 'Yeah, that's great, terrific idea and how wonderful to have friends like this' but I would have had NO IDEA what it is like to be in that vehicle. It is only now as I struggle to rise from the table and stand upright, and walk zombie-like to the study determined not to fall over, and have become dependent in a way I couldn't have imagined, do I start to appreciate what this means for the person in it.

    I have learned not to expect people to understand disability unless they are dealing with it daily as carer or caree, but I do appreciate that they try and are willing to help to the best of their ability.

    1. First a very formal welcome and a round of applause for the very first comment on my blog.

      "What it's like to be in that vehicle" is the key question. In abstract the idea is alarming - I almost didn't try it initially. Over that hump it soon becomes clear that what is needed from the rider is "acceptance". The preconditions for that are able and trusted sherpas and something in the head of the rider. If that something remains terror - forget it.

  2. Welcome to bloggerland my dear brother...It is timely that you are beginning this new way of expression and reaching out. You are doing it in Victoria but we in other States do not get the opportunity to hear and see you present your passion, practicalities and points on possibilities of a person of punctillious purpose.
    Will watch this blog for future adventures and clever ideas, with love.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You, dear sister, get the silver medal in the race to comment. I hope you realise, unlike certain London Olympians what an honour that is!

    Aside from that NSW is certainly an issue. The key to Victoria has been John Kenwright at Parks Victoria who has a role there that targets accessibility in parks - not to mention a personal passion.

    At a certain level what is needed is find a John Kenwright in each state. I'm on to someone in NSW who may fit the bill but frankly what is needed is a rolling, widening crescendo of conversation across the nation.

    It means a lot to me that you are part of that conversation - keep your eyes and ears open for anyone else that might listen

  5. What a wonderful & moving video. Great to hear your voice again Dave.

    Best wishes in making the programme a success & enthusing others who think they've 'lost their chance' with your passion & excitement & obvious joy. Good on Parks Victoria for coming to the party with such enthusiasm.

    Ian & Julie

    1. Thanks for commenting. I know you know how it is with blog to watch - this near to the start every pageview and every comment is a thrill.

      I am so fortunate here with the other players. Parks Victoria as you note and Storyscape for the wonderful work on the video

  6. Dave, kudos to you and Parks Victoria for the inspiration and commitment to get the TrailRider out there for those who need it. And from someone who knows and understands your love of wild places I am so pleased you can experience them in person yet again. If you need a sherpa and our paths can align let me know! I strongly suspect my own enjoyment would be magnified by your own. Dave


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