Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wheelchair Surfing

Mick Fanning shows how it's done in 2012
Not really but we got your attention!

Surf Coast Shire, based in Torquay Victoria, is launching their TrailRider at  3:30pm, Wednesday March 27, 2013 at Bells Beach. The launch will coincide with the world famous surfing tournament. Their will be brief speeches from a few dignitaries.

This is an important step for the TrailRider because it is the first that is not in a Park. Parks Victoria have generously paid for half the purchase but these "Shire" chairs will be housed at the Visitor Centres (the yellow "i")

The chair is available right now - before the Official Launch. All you need to know about getting hold of this, or any other TrailRider, can be found in the Directory


  1. Hi David,

    I saw your link on Wheelchair Kamikaze. "Wheelchair Surfing" caught my attention as I know it really does exist! My best friend, Rich, who lives in Hawaii and is in a wheelchair has done some amazing things with water sports. For instance, he surfs, canoes(paddles, as they say in Hawaii), and many other sports. But he actual does what is called Adaptive Surfing. He also runs a non-profit that gets people who are physically or mentally challenged out into the water and on a surf board with the help of many MANY volunteers. Anyhoo, I got a little excited and just wanted to share. My friend, Rich, is an awesome guy and he does everything from Bungie Jumping to skydiving. All from a wheelchair. Oh, one last thing, he also tries to get as many beaches aroudn Hawaii as accessible as possible for people in wheelchairs. They have put in cement ramps and have portable walkways that they use. Here's the link to AccesSurf. Cheers! Dave

    1. It's fantastic! Rich is doing some amazing things and the Accessurf Lessons look awesome. Thanks for dropping by



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