Friday, March 29, 2013

Launching the Torquay TrailRider

Bells Beach surf in the background. State MP Andrew Katos
in the suit and Lucille Marks in the chair
 (Photo: Kerry Petty) 
On Wednesday 27th April, the Bells Beach surfing tournament was deserted because of the weather. Amidst the temporary structures built  for the surfing audience the Torquay TrailRider was launched. 

This is the fifth in Australia and the first that will be available in the midst of a place where people live. Along the coast from Torquay is the Surf Coast Walk and the beautiful Otways National Park.

In the words of the guest of honour, MP Andrew Katos, so many opportunities to "connect with nature"

Pick it up from the Torquay Sport and Recreation Centre. (Directory


  1. It looks superb, David. Have you taken it for a burn yet? How strong does the sherpa have to be? [Here I show my appalling ignorance but I bet there are a few people who'd be curious and won't ask.]

  2. I have burnt much rubber in other TrailRiders but not this one. Sherpas can come in all shapes and sizes but need to be sufficient to the track being undertaken.

    Four can very easily get involved but the team that are taking a TR on the Oxfam Trailwalker (confusing?) challenge later this month have straps and slings organised so that seven sherpas can spread the load.

    You are so right about people not asking. I am staggered by the sharp divide in the world between those that do and those that don't comment on blogs. The vast majority live in a read-only world. That's the brilliance of the Facebook micro-blogging venture - suddenly Facies feel free to speak.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Even though the famous, international surfing competition at Bell's Beach was cancelled, it was a total fire-ban day across the state, bushfire smoke was visible on the horizon, and a scarily hot, northerly wind was howling - the launch of the TrailRider staunchly forged ahead. As my dear Dad would have said, "You have to have grit in your gut and spit in your eye!" Well done Surf Coast Shire, Parks Vic, Di Schultz of Countrywide Cottages, and Dr David Stratton!

    1. It was a strange day indeed. The beautiful straight, parallel but diminutive waves paraded in, inviting very tiny creatures to surf and consequently the entire complexity of structures set up to accommodate vast surfing crowds were empty. We TrailRider people were the only ones there - braving the fire-ban!

      Thank you for bringing me there and for being part of it all.


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