Friday, April 19, 2013

Night is falling... the Dandenongs as the Parks Victoria team edges towards the halfway stage in their 100km challenge. They will continue into the darkness before they take a rest at John Kenwright's house and then be back on the track early tomorrow morning.

The current ETA at the finishing line in Wesburn Park is 3pm on Saturday 20th. It's cold outside!

The map shows their progress at 4:40pm


  1. Is it all over, bar the shouting?? I hope they all came out unscathed and that the Trailrider showed itself in it's full magnificence!

  2. Ros and I went to the finishing line in Wesburn Parkp. Of course our interest was in Ben, our eldest, whose idea the whole thing was 18 months ago and who was one of the seven Parks Victoria sherpas.

    Ben was very, very sore and blistered but satisfied. There had been an enormous amount of interest along the way from competitors (about 2000) and onlookers. In the entire, large global history of Oxfam Trailwalker this was the first time that someone had not walked/ran. This is big and an amazing tribute to the TrailRider.


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