Saturday, May 4, 2013


Wish we'd thought to snap the
As the number of TrailRider grows (7 now in Australia) so will the number of flat tyres. We had one in Smythesdale this week and I know of at least one more during Trailwalker training.

What is the best way to manage this - both from the point of view of the chairs and the users who could be stuck in the middle of nowhere?

The Trailwalker team carried one of those spray cans but after using that the tyre would never be the same again.

 If the tyre were filled with silicon it would not ever puncture but how would the ride be? The springiness of the pneumatic tyre is the only suspension for the rider apart from the soft seat. On level ground that might not matter but how about going down steps? So many questions.

What about a trial? A new pneumatic tyre could be fitted if it was no good.

A spare wheel? Believe it or not they cost $1000.

What do they do in Canada? We shouldn't reinvent (!!) the wheel.

Could some kind of suspension be worked into the design? It's such a good design perhaps it should not be changed.

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  1. A useful conversation with a motorcycle enthusiast about rubber solution inserted in tyre. I never really understood this but after spraying in, and immediately driving (to spread it around evenly) the small amount of sealant plugs gaps as they happen.
    TrailRider tyres could be pre-treated and rendered secure for their normal life.

  2. Hi David & TrailRiders,

    I've been hoping to find a solution to this conumdrum too - i want to make sure TrailRider hirers in the Surf Coast are well equipped for the hazards they may encounter - flat tyres being the most likely!

    Having had a quick look at the products you mention above, i wonder if they will be applicable for use on a non motor vehicle? The do-it-yourself puncture sealant needs heat up and i wonder if the TrailRider would generate enough heat?

    Have others given these products a go with The TrailRider? Keen to share info on this!


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