Friday, January 24, 2014

Guest post from Dr Bill Jackson - CEO Parks Victoria

I thank Bill for writing this warm tribute to Ros and myself for what has been achieved with the TrailRider in a little over three years. What he did not mention is the incredible work done by his organisation.

“I am delighted to contribute to TrailRider Tales, hosted by our good friend Dr David Stratton. 

 The TrailRider, all-terrain wheelchairs, have captured the imagination of the public, Government and our many partners in this extremely exciting initiative.  

 Dave first introduced us to the TrailRider in a visit to the Grampians National Park.  A few years later and we had chairs at Wilsons Prom, Great Otway National Park, Cape Conran  and Lysterfield Park with more chairs for beach access, and chairs specifically designed for children with a disability, in more locations across the state.  For an increasing number of people with mobility issues and their families and friends, these chairs are proving the perfect vehicle to maintain access with nature.  

Dave and Ros have been tremendous in promoting the health benefits of getting out in nature with the TrailRider chairs.  I’m proud to join them in encouraging more park agencies, private industry and land managers across Australia to invest in all-terrain wheelchairs.  Minor investments make major differences in people’s lives.   We all need parks and continued access to nature.  As we say, Healthy Parks, Healthy People.

Here is a short film for those in search of inspiration “Access For All - Making History on the Oxfam Trailwalker 2013”

Keep up the good work, Dr Stratton.

Kind regards

Dr Bill Jackson
Parks Victoria, Chief Executive”



  1. Always thrilled to hear about the TrailRider adventures in Australia and around the globe. Thanks for the great updates - keep us posted
    The PRMOS Team, Powell River, British Columbia, Canada

    1. Hello there Powell River - great to hear from you via the blog. Not to say that I don't like getting your emails but there's something about chatting like this, in semi-public, that feels more like we're building a community.

      It feels particularly useful to me because I've been wondering what keeps people from commenting on the blog and your experience might help. In the end I needed to reassure you by email that there was no need to join anything to leave a comment (I too hate having to create an account just to leave a comment)

      So what do I need to change to reassure blog visitors?

      The other side of the coin is that you will have no idea that I am replying to your comment right now unless I send you an email (knowing your address)

      The answer that I've found my way to is that I have a Gmail address. Because this is a Google blog I can login to the blog using my normal email address and password and then post/comment as my Google self. My email address will not be seen here.

      That won't work for everyone.

      I'm going to send that email!

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