Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Guest Post from Dreamfit

An unlikely-looking wheelchair
A big Hello from the Dreamfit Foundation Team!

We are a unique not-for-profit organisation that is making dreams possible for people with disabilities through innovative equipment solutions. Here at the Dreamfit Foundation, we believe that having a life is more than just living. We don’t just do the usual ramps and rails. We come up with out of the box equipment solutions so that people can live exciting, fulfilling and meaningful lives.

This is how we make dreams possible: People with disabilities approach us with a particular dream in mind. Our Team will then find an off the shelf solution, modify an existing solution, or come up with our own solution. 

We also have a continuously expanding Equipment Library to support people with disabilities to participate in new activities and recreational pursuits. Our fleet of equipment includes equipment such as the Trailrider, beach wheelchairs, paddle boats, bicycles and much, much more.

We currently have a wait list for our dream projects as so many people with disabilities have approached us. As such, we are on the search for new sponsors so that we can keep up with the demand in Western Australia! If you think you can help us out, please shoot Sarah an email at

At the center of this amazing organization is our team. We are a mix of Engineers, Occupational Therapists and skilled Technicians. We're all a bit different and we have our own individual quirks that makes us who we are.   

We would like to say HI from the Dream Team!

Check out our Youtube video channel to see what we get up to.

Like our Facebook page 


  1. There is a very convincing suggestion that I should make the first comment on all posts so that the text at the foot changes from the cryptic "No comments" to something more encouraging.

  2. Just love what Dreamfit is doing over there! Putting big smiles on many faces ....
    Look forward to checking our email to see what else you're sharing Dave :)

    1. Hey - well done. The big orange "B" told me you'd got it working.

      I want more Dreamfits in the world. Such a brilliant idea.

  3. What a goodly bunch you are, all at Dreamfit!
    Along with the TrailRider, what a good day it would be if your program was in every state.
    Could you raise money through Pozible?
    I'd support you!

    1. I wonder how Dreamfit is funded? Such a great reason to live in Perth.

    2. We are funded through private bodies and donations from the community ! A wonderful reason to live in Perth!

    3. Sarah - Dreamfit FoundationApril 24, 2014 at 5:20 PM

      Thanks Ros - we are trying to go state wide, but it will take a little while! We would like to go global eventually!!!

    4. Thanks Sarah for writing this post. I hope that TrT can be part of spreading the word about Dreamfit


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