Thursday, April 17, 2014

Introducing Dreamfit

Part of the Dreamfit Library of specialised disabled recreation
equipment - note the TrailRider in the top row
In my last post I wrote about Nicki who ended up being able to hike with her son thanks to Dreamfit. I can't really do justice to Dreamfit who have a story that is best told by them - in the imminent guest post

Dreamfit is unique to Perth - an organisation whose mandate is to purchase, and then make available to users, an extensive and exotic range of specialised disability equipment. The main focus is on mobility in recreation but the remit is as wide as disability is wide - take a look at Nathan's Camera System for example. 
Nathan using his Dreamfit-designed
iPad-controlled camera
The picture shows the camera in action.

What would we give for something like this to be available in every capital city?

If you're a Facie I encourage you to like their page


  1. Thank you for sharing Dave - After your last post I looked up Dreamfit and think they are incredible. What would we give indeed to have something like this available in every capital city? Oh if only we could make it happen. Our goals are not quite so big.... We would just love to see a TrailRider in every community but what Dreamfit is doing is simply mind-blowing. We'll stay connected with them through their Facebook page and keep up with what they're doing for sure. CC - PRMOS - Powell River, BC, Canada

    1. You are my best, most fulsome and regular commenters! I know that Dreamfit have ideas about going national - maybe our exposure can help that


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