Monday, April 21, 2014

Sponsored roll - Introducing Powell River Mobile Opportunity Society (PRMOS)

Looking very Canadian
Dorothy raising money
to fight ALS
PRMOS are my best followers. They comment on almost every post and they send me stuff which has led to this post but first a brief aside on their name. Powell River is a beautiful settlement in the interior of British Columbia, Canada and MOS  are the same last three letters - Mobile Opportunity Society as BCMOS the inventors and manufacturers of the TrailRider.

They told me about their part in the Canada-wide sponsored walk to raise money to tackle ALS (AKA Motor Neurone Disease) Their participant was in a TrailRider, hence the "sponsored roll" which you can see a little of in this video

The thought for me is of how great it is to see the TrailRider being used this way. Here, in Australia we've seen Oxfam Trailwalker, the Upstream race and Run for Ross. Sponsored rolls raise public awareness of the TrailRider and allow a vital participation of non-walkers in this world of fund-raising.

They'd love it if you Liked their page


  1. Hi Dave : Thanks for sharing... we are (the same as BCMOS) the Powell River Mobility Opportunities Society and BCMOS continue to be our mentors and supporters from getting the TrailRiders to our programming. Sam Sullivan was our Guest of Honour at our Grand Launch of Programming in 2012. We would love to connect with other global TrailRider enthusiasts and programs that are happening worldwide. Here's the link to our FB page - I couldn't connect through your blog Dave... and our website to check out our FLICKR pics and videos. Not to brag of course... and just see how beautiful Powell River is :)
    Open invitation to anyone visiting Vancouver, BC, Canada - think about coming to visit our little paradise here on the Sunshine Coast! CC @ PRMOS

  2. I didn't realise that MOS was one big thing. Are there any other chapters? How great to have Sam up there for your opening.

    Did you see my reply to your comnent about your sherpa friends coming to Australia?

  3. Perhaps I should re-word... it's not one big thing it's the same name except for the BC and PR at the beginning. We chose the name intentionally and it lent really well to customizing forms BCMOS allowed us to use since if meant we didn't have to re-invent anything. Saw your reply now I've clicked on a few things. And yes we're open to having a guest post if that's easier for us to post replies or share what we're doing. Stay well my friend - CC @ PRMOS

  4. Cool. I'll be back at home soon and get to grips with things


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