Saturday, July 19, 2014

More thoughts about La Joëlette

La Joelette high in the Alps
I have to confess she's been on my mind since my recent post and that interest has been heightened since getting a price. At current exchange rates one would cost about $4200  which would probably be around $5000 in Australia. That's cheaper, but not dramatically so, than the $7000 for a TrailRider. 

How do they compare? The test really, as I and the comments agreed, would be a side-by-side test. Either Australia or Canada imports a Joelette or France imports a TrailRider. I tried interesting Ferriol Marat in a stand at the ten-yearly World Parks Congress but their focus, and budget, is focussed on Europe at the moment.

To look at them side by side the main impression is of the higher seating position in the Joëlette which, from their point of view, promotes conviviality between rider and sherpas and for me speaks of a harder transfer from a wheelchair along with more balancing effort from the sherpas. Needs to be tested.

The Joëlette has suspension, a plus and the larger diameter wheel will make certain obstacles easier. The fatter tyre on the TrailRider simply is the suspension. Which is more comfortable? Needs to be tested.

The longer, larger TrailRider has more leverage opportunities for a sherpa team but means it sometimes has an awkwardly large turning circle.

My back of the envelope comparison suggests that the Joëlette might be a cheaper, better solution for places with easier trails but really the jury is out. If I had $5000 to spare I would buy one - just to find out.

If you are a Facie, here is another chance to Like the Joëlette page:

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  1. Great feedback David .... if transfer is an issue having a portable lift might be useful but not everyone would have access to one on site (like at the start of the adventure). We fortunately are able to accommodate but I agree - side by side comparison would be the only way to go. Being able to go on a "trail" ride where all able bodied folks can go makes for the experience being one that's inclusive in getting someone back or out in the nature trails for the first time. Also walking on the floor of a nature trail is both smoother and softer on the rider/sherpas than any man-made packed trail. Anything that opens up opportunities is all we need to hear - so whoever is making it happen is all good. Stay well - CC


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