Thursday, July 17, 2014

SVP (Sherpa Volunteer Program) in Daylesford?

It is well understood now that getting a TrailRider chair is just the beginning. Many potential riders will be intimidated by the chair and the prospect of organising sherpas to guide them.

Hepburn Health TrailRider committee meeting to plan a
 sherpa volunteer program - Fiona, Karen, Merle and Julie
Apologies to the two that were left out at the sides!
The key to this is to tap the immense goodwill of people who love the bush and, even more, love the idea of sharing that with those who are unable to get out there.

Anything involving volunteers needs a basic level of "nuts and bolts" type organisation - police checks, liability, basic volunteer ethics - to name a few and many organisations, including Parks Victoria, have this in place already. This was the background to the Halls Gap SVP launch.

The "Shire Chairs" that are not in Parks can take the same approach. Today a meeting of the Hepburn Health Services TrailRider committee set in place plans for a SVP built upon the existing volunteer program. Of course there will be sherpa-specific training coming up but this Saturday morning we will take to the busy main street, riding the TrailRider and gathering expressions of interest from potential volunteers. Watch this space!

Ballarat and Canberra are in our sights as the next two locations.

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  1. Consider tapping into the business sector for creating good-will and volunteerism into their community by having their own teams of sherpas. :)


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