Sunday, August 10, 2014

Five NEW TrailRiders on their way (16 altogether!)

The official announcements are still to come so I don't quite "count" them yet. That moment will come when they can go in the Directory with a phone number to use each chair.

However it is underway and when complete will bring the total number of TrailRiders in Australia to 16.

All five chairs are at about the same stage of evaluation and assessment of specific deployment details.

"Cradle Mountain/New South Wales/Apollo Bay have recently received their TrailRider(s) and staff are in the process of assessing tracks for suitability with the aim of a public launch later this year. More news and updates will be provided soon.”

It is especially gratifying to see that SVPs (Sherpa Volunteer Programs) are part of those assessments.


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  2. Fantastic news! Let's hope Disability Advocacy programs get to hear about the new TrailRiders - and all of the 16 now in Australia - asap. As the old saying goes..."use 'em or lose 'em"!


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