Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Calling the SES (State Emergency Services)

At Cradle Mountain in Tasmania the critical factor in getting their TrailRider (still to be launched?) was rescue.

At the Grampians a recent broken ankle took twenty SES volunteers and about four hours to resolve. The ranger at the Congress who told me this thought that two rangers with a TrailRider could have coped.

I'd love to have discussions with the right person in each State SES about how TrailRiders could help. Does anyone have any contacts that would help?

The next step, and the next post, would be about whether the TrailRider design could adapt to allow someone with a back injury to be in a prone position.

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  1. We had an experience with a lady benefiting from using a TrailRider when her foot brace broke making walking back down from a bluff very difficult and painful. It was our maiden voyage using one TrailRider to get two people up the bluffs to be able to participate in the grand opening of one of the huts on the Sunshine Coast Trail. Pretty awesome - two trips, one TrailRider - the first person up was able to sit and join in the celebratory speeches while we went to get the second person. On the way down with the last person we connected with the lady experiencing difficulties and were able to go back and bring her down. So yes, for certain rescues a TrailRider could be very appropriate. Our local search and rescue team have considered this for certain situations - although they haven't used a TrailRider yet they have thought about training with it though. TrailRider to the rescue!! Would think a back injury would be difficult, since priority would be to stabilize the back and the person. Always good to see your posts - congrats on the Congress participation - CC & Raymond - PRMOS in Powell River


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