Friday, March 27, 2015

One sign, three signs

A couple of posts ago I showed you the TrailRider direction sign developed by the school group in Daylesford to mark the Cornish Hill track. At the time it was a world first. Almost at the same time Parks Victoria were working on their signs and the accompanying  grading of tracks for TrailRider use.

John Kenwright has put considerable thought into this.

For a start the term Sherpa was too specialised and unusual (just consider overseas visitors) for Park use. As you will see here Operator has been used instead.

The principal factor that determines the number of these people needed is the grade of the track and John has represented the steepness of the track and the unevenness - what I would be inclined to call stepiness in each of the signs.

Whereas the Daylesford signs were based on a photo and we could hazard a guess who of the folk here are purely diagrammatic.

I am left wondering what the 5 Operator sign would look like!


  1. What a fabulous job John Kenwright has done with these signs. So clear and easily understood by people involved with the traiil rider with the added benefit of raising a bit of curiosity from people who may just wonder what this sign is about.

    Cheers to all Gilda

  2. Operators sounds a bit sterile, but I have had many conversations with people who don't know the connection between our use of the word and it's use in the Himalayas. John's signs are excellent, putting grading with directions together.

  3. Excellent signs! Good work, John Kenwright.

  4. It's so great seeing how things are developing over there and actually coming into being. We have been working on signs and are loving what you have been doing and the thought put in to the process. Congrats Australia. CC


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