Saturday, December 10, 2016

Wheelchair Kamikaze

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Because I blog, and because I have MS, I follow other blogs in this area. Of all that I've seen Wheelchair Kamikaze takes the biscuit. Marc, from New York, has a measured, careful approach to the minefield of MS in the US healthcare system and a very different approach to mine in writing blog posts.His posts are long, very well researched and personal. They remind me of Denis Wright 's, about which I have written here.

He has invited his readers to vote for his blog in's "Best Healthcare Blog" contest and I extend that invitation to my readers. Voting continues until December 12

If you visit the site to vote take care to scroll down the page to vote. You do NOT, as it first appears, have to join Healthline.


  1. Thanks for the link to WheelChair Kamikaze - great writing I really enjoyed his style. Just last week a letter arrived from our local GP offering a Shingles Shot for the aged - interesting to have the condition so graphically explained. Worth the hoops to vote..

    1. I too love his style - and wonder about my own. He must take hours and hours to write a post. He has over a million page views


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