Monday, May 1, 2017

Posting from respite

Click to study 2009 pic. Donna in a box!
For readers that do not already know, respite is when the care recipient (me) gets looked after in a high needs nursing home and I vacate the Carer's (Ros') head. My beloved wife Ros is somewhat free for three weeks. Needless to say Mr MS, which is how Ros brilliantly externalises the demon, mostly stays with me.

Notice the somewhat and the mostly - they are important. The Carer's lot is never over until...

So posting becomes a little different. My best friend, apart from Ros, is visiting from Vancouver. Home of the TrailRider. Jeanne's wife Donna first introduced us to the TrailRider in 2009 so talking and dining and introducing is the go. Hence this unusual mixed bag post.

Dorigo a park in New South Wales where a TrailRider is currently available. The Have Wheelchair Will Travel blog went on an outing there.

Click to study pic - look at BJ's face! Nature as it's meant to be


Parks Victoria is currently working on a refinement of these signs.When they announce, so will I.

70,000 page views

This slipped by without my usual, self-congratulatory, post. Believe me, you won't get off this easily when we hit 100,000!

Flinders Ranges

For non-Aussies these are a magnificent place to visit in the north of South Australia.

Quinten van der Werf is the founder of In The Flinders and is working hard at setting up a TrailRider so that we wheelies can share the beauty.

If you are on Facebook here is your chance to signal your delight in these endeavours:

Like In The Flinders
and Like Have Wheelchair Will Travel


  1. As always, Dave - well said :-)

  2. You are well-known to get it Chris - which many do not.


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