Friday, September 21, 2012

The Otways

The Otways are a particularly beautiful part of Victoria where beaches and forests blend and wilderness trails abound. Just the sort of area where a TrailRider or two would be useful.

Cumberland Falls in the Great
Otways National Park

Because this park has no Parks Victoria Visitor Centre the TrailRider would have to be housed somewhere else and this brings the idea of the community based TrailRider to the fore. Negotiations towards this are well under way.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Nerve Centre

The Nerve Centre is the MS Society headquarters in Blackburn, Melbourne. The MS Society for Victoria, NSW and the ACT is headquartered there.

An entire large modern building
devoted to MS

I was invited to present there and through teleconference, at the quarterly staff update and naturally enough the TrailRider and Wild Places figured strongly. Very significant to reaching out beyond Victoria.

Lysterfield TrailRider/Wild Places launch

Lysterfield Park in Melbourne saw the official launch of another Parks Victoria Trail Rider and the Wild Places DVD.

Brad Battin and John Kenwright
show off the chair
The event was opened by Brad Battin, State member for Gembrook.

The chair is available from the TrailMix cafe at the park.

Several exciting ideas came to the fore:

  • A volunteer sherpa program of some kind was discussed. A way that riders who did not have the right kind of family or friends could still go out there
  • The Oxfam walk - in a TrailRider in 2013. Brad even offered to push!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Welcome to the TrailRider Tales blog.

Here you will find news and discussion about the progress of the TrailRider in Australia. So far there are five in Victoria.

Not sure what a TrailRider is? Check out the "Introducing the TrailRider" page here for some background.

Happy TrailRiding!