Friday, September 21, 2012

The Otways

The Otways are a particularly beautiful part of Victoria where beaches and forests blend and wilderness trails abound. Just the sort of area where a TrailRider or two would be useful.

Cumberland Falls in the Great
Otways National Park

Because this park has no Parks Victoria Visitor Centre the TrailRider would have to be housed somewhere else and this brings the idea of the community based TrailRider to the fore. Negotiations towards this are well under way.


  1. We are very excited about the prospect of the Trailrider coming our way soon so that our guests and other visitors to the Great Ocean Road region can get the best experience of this wonderful country! We'll keep pushing till it happens.

  2. Bronze medal Di - you are the third person to comment. Thank you. Countrywide Cottages and the way that Igloo provides for the disabled is a wonder. I'll never forget seeing, for the first time, a two-level kitchen.

  3. Here's a link to Countrywide Cottages where the Igloo cottage is very well equipped to house a visitor in a wheelchair - and even with a dog.

  4. Di Schulze's fully accessible accommodation at Countrywide Cottages - which are dog-friendly as well - is a joy to behold. It is worth going there just to experience Di's gracious hospitality along with her super-delicious triple-choc-chip-with-twist cookies are wonders to behold.


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