Friday, November 30, 2012

All Terrain wheelchair - $200

Maybe you don't want to go up a mountain track. Maybe you just want to get to work a kilometer down a dirt road? 
This TED (Technology, Education and Design) video shows an MIT engineer describing a chair that is designed and built for the third world -  the Leveraged Freedom Chair, a cheap lever-powered wheelchair whose design and development put the user first.


  1. This is utterly brilliant. Go to the video and see what an ingenious mind can make out of nearly nothing [sort of]!

  2. It is amazing isn't it? A TrailRider, by comparison, costs $7000!

  3. Greetings,
    I have been working on my senior project for about 7 months now, and as part of it, I am tentatively scheduling a trip to the top of Half Dome using the Trailrider and rock climbing equipment. I have been talking to Yosemite, rock climbers, and many more people. I am looking for volunteer sherpas, as well as somebody with a Trailrider that wants to go. I have had a professional adaptive rock climber donate the climbing gear. For more information watch the video below.
    J. Colin Quinn-Briggs Cal Poly 2017
    Attachments area
    Preview YouTube video The All Accessible Project


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