Thursday, January 17, 2013

Surf Coast TrailRider very soon

TrailRiding at Bells Beach on the Surf Coast Walk
Torquay, on the Victorian south coast, is the starting point for the world famous Great Ocean Road. But if you are on foot it is also the beginning of the Surf Coast Walk. Various sections of this walk will lead you 40km down the coast in a south westerly direction.Very soon, early in February 2013, a TrailRider will be available from the Torquay Visitor Centre.
Further down the track
If you want to get out onto that track, or the many other tracks along the coast, you can contact the Visitor Centre in Torquay. This is the factsheet giving details about the TrailRider there including the location of the Parks Victoria training videos. When you have watched these print out the form for using the Torquay TrailRider.