Friday, March 22, 2013

Shire Council Chairs (x2)

Having TrailRiders available near to where people live is critical to reaching the largest possible audience of frail and disabled users. 

Chairs that are "in the community" as opposed to a possibly remote Park are more accessible to Riders and importantly to Sherpas. Gathering together a team to go down the street for an outing is less of a big ask than to go off to somewhere distant.

Two Shire Councils in Victoria, Moorabool (Bacchus Marsh) and Hepburn (Daylesford) are launching TrailRiders that will be available in those two towns. In Daylesford the chair will be kept at the Visitor Information Centre and in Bacchus Marsh at the Lerderberg Library and can be borrowed there, free of charge for up to seven days.

These two chairs will be launched at the beautiful Quarry Street Reserve in Trentham at 10:30am on Thursday 11th April.

There will be morning tea and a chance to try out the chair - don't forget to bring a bike helmet.

Checkout the Directory to see how to access either of these chairs.


  1. I saw a photo of you in a TrailRider on a dam wall in the Grampians yesterday. Could you post it here, please?

    1. It's done - thank you for your comment. It is part of a new post lamenting the lack, so far, of a Volunteer Sherpa program.


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