Monday, April 15, 2013

Oxfam Trailwalker Challenge

In the woods. There are parts of the track that are a lot more
arduous than this!
This is the post I've been longing to make but the Oxfam media embargo has made me wait until today. 

For 100km and 48 hours Bruce Towers will be lugged, by a team of seven sherpas, in the first ever (worldwide!) Oxfam Trailwalker entry with a passenger.

Visit the Oxfam Tralwalker site to sponsor the team and see whether you can make it to the start or the end of the track. 

There are quite a number of reasons that I find all this particularly exciting.

  • I have not done anything! This was Ben's (son) idea and has been spearheaded, once again, by Parks Victoria. Ben is a sherpa along with a number of park rangers and a state politician, David Southwick.
  • The match between TrailRider and TrailWalker is a big thing for Oxfam which leads to them doing a lot of media work. The Age article is a good example.
  • Once again we have the great pleasure of working with Storyscape (who made Wild Places) and the 3 minute video is the beginning of a complete production.
Some of the sherpa team. Bruce Towers is the passenger who progresively  acquired the title of "pilot".

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