Thursday, May 2, 2013

TrailRider Trailblazer - hiking in Smythesdale

Smythesdale is a small town to the west of the Victorian regional city of Ballarat. The Trailblazers (nice name) are a group of folk, of various ages, who once a week go hiking. Today Ros, even though she's in the midst of respite, drove us down to blaze a trail with a group of wonderful people who had no idea that such a thing as the TrailRider existed.

Beside the dam on a beautiful day. Craig Thompson in white
shirt and shades set it all up.
The gig was organised by Craig Donaldson, the Rural Access Worker in Ballarat who is strategising towards a chair at the Information Centre in his city. Once again I'm reminded (put it on my todo list) that the blog needs a page that is a resource for the likes of the Ballarat Visitor Centre who need to talk to those that have done it before.

Different Blazers tried out being sherpas. Craig handled the more critical back of the TrailRider. People who love the bush are "natural" potential volunteer sherpas and the volunteer program, when it starts up, will involve grass roots connection with many groups such as the Trailblazers or the mountain bikers at Lysterfield.

Flats - battery in Craig's car and the
tyre on the TrailRider
As it happened they saw the TrailRider at its worst - we had a flat tyre! More work for the Daylesford Visitor Centre who leant Craig the chair and lots of discussion about whether filling with silicon would make the ride too uncomfortable. To add insult to injury his car wouldn't start.


  1. It was a great day - not without its excitement!

    1. It couldn't have happened without you! Thank you for taking time out of time out to be there


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