Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Return2Sport Expo

An easy start indoors - later
they were kerb-hopping
The Royal Rehabilitation Centre in Sydney have just held their annual Return2Sport Expo featuring many different ways that those with disabilities can get more active - including the TrailRider which they shipped up from Canberra for the show.

The Pilot here is Will, accompanied by his sister and friend. He is a high-level quadriplegic and was thrilled to meet the TrailRider - especially after they gave it a whirl outdoors amongst kerbs and speed-bumps 

The second photo shows the TrailRider beside Will's normal, motorised chair and make the point about transferring between the two. Because the two seats are at more or less the same level it is a normal, sideways transfer.

Next step for Sydney? Clearly a TrailRider or two somewhere. It's a long drive to Tidbinbilla.


  1. So good to see the TrailRider becoming more widely met. My concern is that the pilot's legs are not stretched out as they should/can be in these pics. The footrest appears to be set for a small person or a child.

    1. So many of the photos that I get sent for posts show things being done "not quite right" and there is a clear need for some information to help people figure out how to do things. Maybe an infographic?


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