Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Introducing Bushwalking Blog and some thoughts about commenting

Neil Fahey
The Bushwalking Blog - Walking Melbourne and beyond is where Neil Fahey introduces many special hiking spots, primarily in Victoria, but even as far away as Peru. Most posts on the blog are descriptions, delightfully and quirkily written by him, of his time on the trail in question, Understandably though he did not personally write reviews of all 120 walks covered so there are a fair number of Guest Posts.

The latest of these is mine. TrailRiding : hiking for the wheelie introduces the TrailRider to the readership of that blog. Of course they are all uprights but, as the Volunteer Sherpa Program (AKA in my warped mind 1-800-SHERPA) comes to fruition there my well be a lot of conversations between TrailRiding folk and TrailPushing people.

It has been interesting for me to get this involved with a blog other than my own. More or less the first thing I did was look for comments. These are the lifeblood of the blogosphere as they embody the two way conversation between blogger and blogee. Lo and behold! There were, just as here, very few comments. Each comment though was answered by Neil.

So that is my contract to you dear readers. If you comment I will reply. Take the plunge from reading to writing (which, at a certain level, the billion Facebook users have) and tell me, us, what you think. You can choose the Anonymous option for your comment if you are concerned about privacy or else identify yourself according to one of the other options. Go on - I dare you...

As a by the way the latest comment here was from Sam Sullivan who invented the TrailRider. My next post will introduce him to you all.


  1. Hi David,

    Can't thank you enough for your excellent guest post. Your story really touched me and I want,ed to share it with as many people as I could. I hope it helps get the word out about the TrailRiders and eventually garners some volunteers for the volunteer sherpa program.

    Keep in touch mate. All the best!


  2. This is my first experience of blog to blog association and I thank you for it. Your comments about comments?

    John Kenwright at Parks Victoria .is working on the VSP - developing training, certification and all the trimmings that seem necessary from the insurance/institutional angle. There will be a strong emphasis on geographical community around each chair but there is also a whole different angle represented by your readership for example.

    I'll keep the world posted here.

    Congats on the award - I watched the video

  3. Hello David!

    I wanted to say how much the video "Wild Places" moved me. There are people in my life who would really benefit from a Trail Rider experience. I will be sharing it as well as a link to your blog. I feel happiest and most peaceful when I am out in the wild, close to nature and the thought of not having access to these experiences again greatly saddens me.

    Thanks for sharing your story! I usually don't comment on blogs but share the links via twitter and Facebook. I am a bit reserved sometimes. Best Wishes.

    1. Thank you for overcoming your reserve and commenting. I'd love to do anything I can to help the people in your life get out there so feel free to email me at davidhughstratton@gmail.com if there's anything I can do.

      There are three more chairs already purchased and will soon be available at Ballarat, Bright and Apollo Bay. Others are in a "waiting for funds" state.

  4. Congratulations to you, Dave, for your determined efforts to spread the word about the Trailrider.

    1. "Woodside" is a big petroleum company but clearly I am talking to a different one. Thank you for commenting - it means a lot.

      Are there people in your life who are potential riders or sherpas?


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