Friday, December 20, 2013

Introducing Sam Sullivan

Sam Sullivan in a TrailRider in the snow!
There is a sled device attached to the wheel
Another "introducing" post.

Ros is teaching me that the key to all this online stuff is the connections that get built - hang on, I thought I was the computer nerd?

Sam Sullivan (see Wikipedia) invented the TrailRider and what prompts this post is that he said hello through a comment. Google, mysteriously, led him to a post here - I suspect that he might have been Googling himself ;-) because  it was part of a conversation where I accidentally typed his name instead of someone else at Disability Foundation in Vancouver.

In 1978 Sam had a skiing accident which left him quadriplegic. He worked tirelessly towards better lives for the disabled founding several organisations with a variety of disability focuses, served as Mayor of Vancouver and invented the TrailRider. 

Wikipedia suggests that there are 100 of these in the world - so 10% are in Australia!


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Yikes that would mean 3% in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada (Population 14000).... by comparison and size - WOW Powell River is pretty cool :)

    1. I just found your comment - I am not being notified properly so I apologise.

      I actually question the figure I have given. Perhaps we'll know more soon as John Kenwright is visiting the Sam Sulivan Disability Foundation in Vancouver this week.


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