Monday, February 24, 2014


I was telling someone the "TrailRider on Kilimanjaro" story. I often do, and the usual response is along the lines of "When are you going?"

Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake - site of the first Tasmanian

My reply, which should be "It's too hot there for an MS sufferer" or "The Sherpa team is unimaginable" usually comes out as "I'll have to talk to Ros" which leaves her looking like the baddy.

Strangely the person I was talking to came out with a great question. "What is your dream then?" A brief silence and I replied "Cradle Mountain" That got me thinking...

I have had quite a number of inconclusive dialogues with Parks and Wildlife Services (PWS) in Tasmania. What it boils down to is that PWS lacks a John Kenwright. Not just the person but also the organisational mandate that Parks Victoria has in the area of disability access in parks. In PWS this area falls between stools - it is not clearly anybody's responsibility and therefore, perhaps, nobody's.

I took the plunge and suggested to Parks and Wildlife Services at Cradle Mountain that we might come and do a TrailRider demo. In the back of my mind was the "seeing is believing" adage. Nothing quite describes the TrailRider as well as an actual outing.

The upshot is that we are going there on the 27th March. We were planning a road trip to Hobart anyway (have you seen MONA?) so we would barely be going out of our way ;-) There is a cast of thousands:

  • Ros who will be packing and unpacking a Caddy van full to the brim with everything I now need to travel with (3 wheelchairs etc etc)
  • Joanne and Rodney who will accompany us. Yes - I need that much care now but Rodney is also the consummate sherpa and will guide the PWS newbies
  • John Kenwright who will make a TrailRider available and ship it to Tassie
  • PWS for paying for the shipment and hosting us. Also for raising the interesting thought of mountain rescue uses
I will, hopefully, realise a dream - a circuit of Dove Lake in the shadow of Cradle Mountain - and Tasmania will perhaps be one step closer to a match made in heaven - their wild places and the TrailRider.


  1. A desire to go the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Hobart is turning into an expedition bigger than Ben-Hur! Let's hope for a day as blue and bright as the one in this photo.
    It was certainly this beautiful at Hall's Gap in the Grampians yesterday when we took the TrailRider out for a spin with friends from UK, David and Jane. They did remarkably well for newbie sherpas....flat tyre 'n all!

    1. I hope we can find some photos to post! Lovely to hear from you ;-)


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