Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Off to Tasmania

Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake pictured in Google Maps
Yes - we hit the streets today and hit the water (in the Spirit of Tasmania) this evening. I received the vital text message to confirm that the TrailRider had arrived and been unpacked.

Looking at Cradle Mountain in Google Maps  leaves me wondering whether the circuit of Dove Lake is more than can reasonably be done. Soon we'll know.

Looking at the terrain and picturing intrepid hikers setting off on the Overland Track to Lake St Claire also brings to mind the use of the TrailRider there for mountain rescue. This a regular usage in the Vancouver region in Canada but one that has yet to come to the fore in Australia. It makes a very great deal of sense for rescuers not to have to bear the weight of the injured person. The park rangers there have taken a particular interest in this.


  1. Wonderful - Our Search and Rescue teams have also looked at this option. So how many TrailRiders are in Australia now Dave - CC
    PRMOS - Powell River, BC, Canada

    1. There are ten actually available but a few more at various stages of getting there. I am particularly interested from the rescue point of view of how they cope with a ridet that needs to be lying flat.

  2. Hi there - They wouldn't actually use the TrailRider if the person needed to be flat - ie back, neck or head injury. They could use the TrailRider for leg or foot or other limb challenges if the person couldn't use them. Being able to get in to areas of single line foot passage makes the use of the TrailRider attractive apparently although we haven't seen it used for rescues ourselves. Possibilities are there.

    1. I realise I asked a naive question after our session with the parks rescue people - check the latest post


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