Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thank you dear daughter

Thank you Jo for this splendid certificate which, for all my other readers, matches the one you presented me with to celebrate 1000 visits to the gym. She and Sander are also working on Dr Dave Tackles Mountains which will be the second in a series of delightful kids books.

Thank you everybody for all for your comments about long and short blog posts. So far short wins the prize but it's not too late to vote!

One great comment (thank you Bernie) was the suggestion of a longer, reflective piece about the future which would be my pleasure - better to have my thoughts written down than rattling around in my head. I shall do that soon when the current flurry of activity has settled down. There are two more TrailRider launches on the way and interesting developments in Tasmania and maybe NSW.


  1. Yipee - Congrats again. Each entry gets us excited over here in Powell River when we hear of more TrailRiders popping up in Australia. Awesome work Dave - if you hadn't made the trip up Cyprus that day none of this would have happened. Kindest regards always - CC @ the Powell River Mobility Opportunities Society - Canada

    1. Thanks for the congrats. I often think about Cypress Mountain and especially how close I was to *not* trying the TrailRider. It was only Ros' insistence that overcame my doubts.

      I want to brag, on your behalf, about what you guys are doing at and also urge you to keep track of how we go in Tasmania later this month.


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