Thursday, March 6, 2014

"TrailRiders are all very well but you need people to push them"

That is a sad reality for many that would like to ride but can't. The chair is there but where will the sherpas come from? This is why Parks Victoria (in other words John Kenwright) is developing a Sherpa Volunteer Program with appropriate training.

In time there should be a cluster of volunteers geographically close to each chair but the rollout of the program, the first training session and inaugural "chapter" of volunteers will be at Halls Gap in the Grampians on 12 April. This is the official announcement:

Grampians National Park is currently seeking volunteers to be trained at sherpas to assist park visitors who use  the Parks Victoria TrailRider chair. If you would like to know more about the new Volunteer Sherpa Program contact Katherine Dyson, Volunteer Coordinator, Grampians National Park . T: 0428 553040/ (03) 5361 4063 E:

Ros and I and John look forward to being there


  1. The Grampians and Halls Gap - is where it all began in Australia for us (thank you David Roberts, Park Ranger extraordinaire!).
    So glad that is where the Volunteer Sherpa training progam is kicking off.
    Thanks John Kenwright. You have unflinchingly championed Dave and the notion that people with mobility issues ought to be able to enjoy Victoria's beautiful National Parks.

    1. It is a full circle indeed - June 2011 was when the Grampians got their chair. It is a very important next step - I have high hopes.

      Being a Saturday I suspect David Roberts will not be there - should we invite him?

    2. Just shared on my facebook page!
      Natalie - Moorabool Shire

    3. Thanks Nat! Facies can keep in touch (and Like the page!) via


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