Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gone West - 11th Australian TrailRider now in Perth

Nicki and family on the Meelup Trail
Nicki Netherway and her husband have three children and love bushwalking. Their son Jeremy though is quite profoundly disabled. Their family bushwalking days appeared to be over.

However she found out about the TrailRider, talked to John Kenwright and then persuaded the Dreamfit Foundation to buy one and add it to their amazing collection of equipment. Much more about Dreamfit in some upcoming posts.

Their first TR expedition was the 7km, Dunsborough to Eagle Bay, Meelup walking trail. Jeremy has almost no head control so you will see the foam supports that they constructed.

TrailRider doubles as a beach wheelchair
They found the TrailRider easy to use, a little large for a small passenger but the child insert was accommodating. Surprisingly it went well on the beach.

My hat goes off to Nicki for making this happen and to Dreamfit (more to follow) for their part in it. This is the first "private" (not Parks or Shire) TrailRider in Australia.


  1. I am so very happy to hear of the TrailRider being used by a family to take a child into beautiful, natural places. I can think of no more wonderful use for this invention.

  2. You are my most prompt and delightful commenter! Thank you.

    I wish that commenting on blogs were as freely undertaken as Liking on Facebook.

  3. Always exciting news with your updates.... loving the pictures. Congrats to everyone over there, especially Nikki and her family. We know they'll have many great trips now :) Have to find out exactly where all these TrailRiders are. We have friends coming to Australia this summer who are seasoned "sherpas" with PRMOS

    1. Nicki is indeed remarkable as are Dreamfit, about whom you will soon' hear more hear. The only part of this story that I can lay claim to is having introduced the TR to Australia.

      You friends should look at the Directory (http://trailridertales.blogspot.com.au/p/trailrider-directory.html) to see if there is anything there that overlaps with their plans.

      They are very welcome to contact me as well.

      I would strongly urge the Grampians if they're in Victoria. The SVP network there means they might get to connect with other sherpas there and who knows, I might even get talked into being a rider.

      Thank you for the ALS material BTW which will form the basis of a post soon.

      Would PRMOS consider a guest post?


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