Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Wilderness walks" - MS In Touch magazine

Four times a year the print edition of the MS In Touch magazine arrives. Imagine our pleasure to find Page 37 of the Autumn 2014 edition included the article I wrote some months ago. How long ago? Well when I wrote there were 8 TrailRiders in Australia - now there are 10. Read on below the picture....

Page 37 of the latest In Touch issue
Single-click to view full size and read

I have MS - that is why I am a wheelie. That is why Ros and I came upon the TrailRider in Vancouver in 2009 and that is why In Touch is an important point of contact for me. People with MS (PWMS) are high up the list of potential riders. The onset is in adulthood (age 45 for me) so there are years before sickness to get the bush bug. Being out and about, perhaps even chemically, combats depression which can be a major symptom.

Last but not least the magazine covers Victoria, ACT and NSW. NSW has yet to get the message.


  1. What a fabulous journey you have been on, Dave. All power to you, Ros and all your willing helpers.

    1. How can we break into Queensland Chris?


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