Thursday, May 1, 2014

Go Mitchell!

Mitchell being strapped in
This is an unusual post because it is a flashback to TrailRider history.  September 2011 - before this blog even existed. Gilda, who I re-met at the SVP launch, had these photos tucked away.

I'll let Gilda tell the story "About 35 people attended the launch including people with mobility issues, families and service providers. People who would normally not be able to enjoy the bush had the opportunity to have that experience using the TrailRider. 

The best thing that happened on the day was a family who just happened to be visiting the area with their 11 year old son who uses a wheelchair, came over to have a chat about this ‘strange wheelchair’.  What a great opportunity to take a young boy out for a 1 klm walk around the park.  His Mum and big brother and some “sherpa’s” loaded him into the TrailRider and off we went.  

"Look Ma, we can do steps"
The memory of this young fellow laughing with joy as we went over steps, up hills, over a bridge with a creek, and then spotting some kangaroo’s and deer was priceless.  His mother commented that she hadn’t seen him have such fun and laugh so much…. ever"

Of all the many TrailRider moments I have witnessed this was the most joyful, the most heart-warming.

To see a family that thought they would never hike together again realise that they could. A 12 year old rider makes the sherpa's job easier too.

Have they been back I wonder?


  1. Stories like this makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.. We love hearing these stories. We love have many similar experiencing. Especially of wondering what "that sound was" as we were going through the trails ... it was just Rebecca, who is non-verbal, literally belly-laughing over every bump she went over. The feedback from families and sherpas encourages others to go out - be a sherpa - and be forever moved. Intoxicating and contagious - just try it!
    CC @ PRMOS, Powell River, BC, Canada :)

    1. It is really wonderful to see that joy and really, at times, frustrating to know that there are so many people out there that never get to hear about it. The cycle of "getting the news out there" is ceaseless.

  2. I'm grateful to Gilda for recalling this experience. I've told the story of this family, on this day, and the joy of this little boy, many, many times. This scene burnt itself into my memory.
    I'm so happy to know his name - Mitchell!
    This is precisely why Dave and I put so much time and effort into getting TrailRiders as available to everyone as possible.

    I hope Mitchell and his family gets to read this blog post.

    1. Seeing the boy that we now know as Mitchell has been a moment etched on my, and I know your, brain for a few years now. Curiously my mental movie is almost exactly the view in the second photo.

      Gilda, if you see this, could you let them know about the post?,


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