Sunday, May 4, 2014

World domination - introducing the International Union for Conservation of Nature

Posts here are about Victoria or sometimes other parts of Australia. This time though the news is global. The IUCN, the largest conservation organisation in the world, is holding its ten yearly Congress in Sydney in November.

The Congress is split into eight streams, one of which is Improving health and well-being - Healthy Parks, Healthy People that Parks Victoria are organising along with the US Parks Service. PV are, as we see through the TrailRider lens, Australian leaders in terms of Access in parks and now they, and their tagline Healthy Parks Healthy People, will be on the world stage.

Kathryn, Bill and me at re-Public in Castlemaine as seen
by Ros

Last week Bill Jackson (CEO) and Kathryn Campbell, who is co-ordinating the stream, came for lunch in Castlemaine to plan how Ros and I and the TrailRider would be involved in events in Sydney. There will be a TrailRider, maybe several, shipped to Sydney. There will be presentations with TrailRider(s) on stage, conference sessions, a Pop Up Park with sherpa-rangers from around the world ("sherpas in kilts?" was my response)....

It was a great pleasure to meet Bill in person and hear his history (was vice chair of IUCN) and the strength of his passion. Meeting Kathryn, who has such a huge job, and whose life it turns out intersects with mine in extraordinary ways was a pleasure.

Lastly though, I feel honoured and excited to be involved in this venture.

For the Facies among you here is your chance to spread the love:
Like the IUCN Congress page
Like Parks Victoria


  1. This is wonderful news...... you have done amazing things with getting the TrailRider out there and into Australian Parks. Congratulations Dave and Ros. When we first started on this venture we had no idea how it would grow but even at the beginning it was our dream that every community had a TrailRider so everyone could join family, friends and even strangers (who become new friends) for adventures in nature. Can't think of anything more therapeutic than that!! Thanks Dave - you're a go getter for sure :)

    CC and the rest of us here in Powell River

  2. We are exceedingly excited. We have some other ideas on the boil that would really give that team feeling that you describe so well. Watch this space...

  3. This is so fantastic, Dave and Ros!! Life-changing stuff for us disabled people...I dream of a world where disability is seen as nothing more than human variation, where our access to the world is the same as everyone else's, and this is definitely a step in that direction.


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