Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Some more media coverage

Two recent media notes are worthy of a post.

The first was an interview on ABC Local Victoria quite early on the morning of the Queen's birthday. Johnathon Ridnell and I chatted for a while. He has a nifty way with words but the audio quality is not so great
The second was in Daylesford where the Visitor Information Centre has a TrailRider. The problem is though that not enough of the local disabled community knows about it yet and also that there is not yet a pool of volunteer sherpas to enable folk to ride even when they don't have the generous crew of friends and relatives that I am blessed with.

The local Health Centre now has a committee dedicated to these issues and their first initiative is coverage in The Local - a brand new Daylesford local paper. View the page here or click on the photo. Note the phone number 0353216567 for volunteering as a sherpa.
For Facies here's a chance to like The Local's page


  1. I recorded this with my phone and with a little - very little - transistor radio!
    Hence the sound quality.
    Excellent interview, though, David!

  2. Nice interview, Dave! It's getting out there...x


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