Sunday, June 29, 2014

Three TrailRiders - BCMOS strut their stuff

Three TrailRiders take a break in Lynn Canyon.
I've been there on my legs!
BCMOS - British Columbia Mobile Opportunities Society - is the home of the TrailRider. They brought them to the world, and keep bringing them to the world. 

They are very aptly named because they keep organising adventures for Vancouver wheelies that captivate the very essence of getting out there. Bringing sherpa volunteers and some lucky riders into the fantastic wonderland that is British Columbia, or more accurately the Lower Mainland.
From the top of Black Tusk, where even a TrailRider could not
go, Garibaldi Lake looks bright turquoise with the glacial runoff

This leads to the rare opportunity, in Australia at least, to snap three chairs together in the beautiful, beside the rushing creek, Lynn Canyon.

Another outing was to Garibaldi Lake which if you've seen Wild Places was the exquisite turquoise lake that I looked down on from one of my last able-bodied hikes.

If you are a Facie, Like the BCMOS page:  

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