Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Destinations For All - Destinations Pour Tous

John Kenwright - off to Canada. He has made the whole
TrailRider dream a reality
Bilingual Montreal is hosting a World Summit in October that focusses on tourism that includes everyone. To quote the organisers:
It is our pleasure to welcome you to Montreal, for the 1st ever World Summit Destinations for All. The issue of accessible tourism has never been more relevant: 15% of the world’s population live with a disability, and with a greater aging demographic, this number will only increase. It is time to think of tourism no longer solely as a luxury, but as a need that is shared by everyone. By making tourism accessible to all, destinations are also:
  • Responding to the reality of an aging population
  • Providing a more inclusive focus on all customer requirements
  • Winning the loyalty of  travellers
  • Distinguishing themselves from the competition
  • Contributing to their destinations’ civic pride
Our very own John Kenwright is travelling to Canada and presenting a paper describing the exciting initiative, TrailRider included, that Parks Victoria has made in this area.Checkout the abstract.

He will also be visiting Vancouver, the birthplace of the TrailRider and catch up with Stephen Hunter from the  Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation who make it all happen.

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