Saturday, August 16, 2014

SVP (Sherpa Volunteer Program) thoughts

The Ballarat TrailRider brochure - click
to view. Remember it's a folded booklet
so the pages appear in an odd order
The other day Craig Donaldson (Ballarat Access and Inclusion), Rodney Brooke (Australian sherpa king) and I had a very useful meeting concerning SVPs for Shire chairs.

The SVP concept, which so favourably influences the uptake of TrailRiders, is well-understood and rolling on  in Parks Victoria thanks to John Kenwright.

In Shires not yet. There needs to be an established volunteer program of some kind and there needs to be a definite way that liability for volunteer sherpas can be effectively covered. A sane approach is that somewhere, some time, a sherpa or rider will be hurt and that must be planned for.

Ballarat is well onto this and Craig is planning some kind of round table meeting of appropriate participants and hopefully nut this one out and, by the way, show other Shires the way to go.

If you are a Facie, here is another chance to Like the Ballarat Visitor Information Centre (where their TrailRider lives) page:

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