Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Grampians second sherpa training session

A rare photograph of the "Gang of Four" - from
the left Ros, Rodney, me, Joanne and last but
not least Caitlin, the volunteer coordinator
This Saturday we all (Ros, Rodney, Joanne and I) went to Halls Gap for the second SVP (Sherpa Volunteer Program) training session put together by John Kenwright from Parks Victoria

There we met with potential volunteer sherpas Fiona, Phil, Kevin, Maureen, Blake and Maggie who had all seen this as an opportunity to not only be out in the bush but to be part of helping someone else be out in the bush. As Phil put it so well "I like the bush and I like bush walking and I would like to get out more often so why not take someone out and enjoy it with them at the same time"

Doing steps - an important skill for a budding sherpa to learn
Caitlin O'Reilly is the newly appointed volunteer co-ordinator at the Grampians. She is employed by CVA (Conservation Volunteers Australia) to oversee the hundred or so volunteers at Halls Gap but also to be the central reference point for TrailRider use in the Grampians.

As before, at the first session, the practical training was a roll around Fyans Creek loop - two TrailRiders with Rodney and John Kenwright providing direction about being the front sherpa, being the back sherpa, using the brake and for the first time using the motor.

Was this fine specimen listening as I told my lizard story? Now
I have two lizard stories!
Trying out the motorised TrailRider, featured in the previous post, was brilliant. So brilliant that it will be the the subject of a whole new post.

One of my favourite TrailRider stories is the Blue Tongued Lizard that I met once on that track. I was telling my team that story when, lo and behold at that precise moment, this fine Shingleback crossed our path.


  1. What an absolutely perfect blue-sky day the Grampians turned out for us and all the prospective sherpas!
    Thank you, Blake and the staff at Brambuk for a delicious lunch.
    Earnest congratulations to Parks Vic and John Kenwright for taking the TrailRider one step further by attaching a motor to the wheel. It's going to revolutionise TrailRider use for rescue as well as for recreation.

    1. It was indeed a great day and great to spend time with John Kenwright - he rocks


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