Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The motorised TrailRider

First my apologies for posting something that did not work.

Now let's get down to the promised rave about the "electric chair"
At the sherpa training session we put it through its paces. It was obvious, as two person sherpa team after two person sherpa team ascended a significant slope that running the motor dramatically eased.

At the end of the trail, getting back into Brambuk, comes a short, sharp rise that Rodney had filmed in the April session - with five sherpas. This side-by-side video shows this alongside Saturday's ride - this time with a team of two.

Two small points were noted

  • The trigger needs a sprung return to motor-off
  • The battery pack obscured the rear sherpa's view of the kickstand. Battery under the seat would be better and have a lower centre of gravity

We need a better name for it!


  1. Awesome addition to making the Sherpas' lives much easier!
    Well done, John Kenwright and Parks Vic!

  2. As a novice Sherpa I was amazed at how easy it was to handle the Trail Rider and when I felt the need to get a bit of help from the motor it was very easy to push the lever for the extra umph. Suggestion for a name - MotoTrail

    1. How great to meet up with you (and here!)
      The next post (or the next but one) is going to be about Australian Bush Sherpas.
      The post needs to point to the group page so that people can easily join up
      We need to talk about the grading of trails - I'll contact Bushwalking Victoria


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