Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Australian Bush Sherpas - a Facebook group for the "sherpaly inclined"

Click on the image to see the group - ask to join
Unusually this is a post that really targets Facies (people who use Facebook) 

Despite its questionable reputation Facebook does certain things really well and the "closed group" is one of them. Instead of visibility of material being based on friendship circles, or even public, in a closed group what you say can only be seen by group members. You must request to be accepted as a member of the group.

Maggie Marriot was a trainee sherpa at the second Halls Gap session and has started the group and she will be the one that approves you.

Once in the group you can chat and share experiences with other sherpas.

If you are not on Facebook clicking the image will just invite you to join.

I have been putting a lot of thought into using Facebook for this and other useful purposes and listening to the reasons that people don't join:

  • Personal information at risk
  • Silliness of much that happens there amongst "Friends"
  • Identity theft
In response to this I am suggesting the idea of Zero Friends Facebook and the link will lead you through setting up an extremely minimalist account.

Bear in mind though that when you request to join the group Maggie may not be able to tell who you are so send her a private Facebook message to put her out of her misery.

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