Monday, October 27, 2014

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) thoughts

A couple of weeks ago I went down to Daylesford Secondary School to meet a group of VCAL students and tell them about the TrailRider.

It was great to meet a group, almost all year 12 and soon to graduate, of young people heading out into the world, to show them Wild Places and to tell them about the Sherpa Volunteer Program that is emerging in Daylesford. Two very interesting points arose.

  • I was astonished to find that the word "sherpa" was completely unknown. They thought I was saying "chauffeur" Quite a thought - we could welcome in the Chauffeur Volunteer Program. There are all the time little bits of current affairs (in this case the ascent of Everest) that are slowly slipping into history
  • The much more exciting development was the prospect that the TrailRider could become a theme within the Applied Learning curriculum at the school. Students would engage as sherpa volunteers and also assess and prepare tracks. This would indeed be an exciting development


  1. Exciting news David. Yes the VCAL program in schools are very flexible. Great work once again!

  2. Great to hear about this initiative. I am sure it will be a success and a benefit to all. Hopefully one day we can get the same thing happening in WA.

    1. Great to hear from you Nikki.

      Are you getting out with the TrailRider much?

      What is the equivalent in WA to VCAL? The big emphasis over here is now on Sherpa Volunteer Programs - one for each chair. Each one organised around an existing general volunteer program to handle the legalities. Parks Victoria volunteer for park chairs, different program for each Shire chair such as Hepburn Health Centre volunteer program for the Dayelesford chair.

      All eyes on Sydney now for the World Parks Congress



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