Thursday, December 4, 2014


The Tidbinbilla TrailRider on show in central Canberra
Acronyms. Love them or hate them. I'm quite partial because they save my addled fingers so much typing but then I keep having to spell them out which kind of misses the point. 

One of my favourite acronym tales is from the days when I was writing my doctoral thesis by talking to my computer. The Dragon Dictate software learnt the acronyms I was using (XML, DTD, XSL etc etc) and could, in the end, correctly type sentences that were full of such mumbo jumbo. 

So returning to the title of this post the Australian Capital Territory held a very successful celebration of International Day of People with Disability that was particularly notable for increasing attention from the National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

For readers outside of Australia (or those inside who haven't been listening) the NDIS might, Abbott permitting, be almost the only surviving piece of bi-partisanship under the current government. It sets out to achieve for disability what MediCare does for illness - to bring an end to it being an economic issue. That is why the previous Labor government named it DisabilityCare.

In an environment where disability was properly funded the TrailRider can be treated as an important part of the system. 

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