Thursday, December 18, 2014

NDIS is listening! (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

I have never posted so much - 10 times last month, 7 so far in December - I'm just trying to ride the crest of the wave and tell you all about it.

So this one took me by surprise. It came to my attention when someone on Facebook shared this website and helpfully tagged me which brought it to my attention - thank you Kat McGregor.

The Every Australian Counts website (click on the picture) is the public face of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The NDIS sets out to do for disability in Australia what Medicare did for illness - namely to make the treatments and the consequences available to all - regardless of wealth.

In the previous post I talked about Healthy Parks, Healthy People and the way that Parks Victoria uses this key notion to bring green places and human health together.

The TrailRider sits at a sweet spot between beautiful natural places and the disabled riders and perhaps the wholesome mental boost that bonds the sherpas into the team. 

Somewhere at the edge of that lies the NDIS who are waking up to the therapeutic value, mentally and physically.

Watch this space. If you're a Facie I encourage you to like the Every Australian Counts page


  1. Critical mass has been reached! THe NDIS standing up an paying attention to the possibilities of access to National Parks enhancing the health of people with disabilities.
    Thanks to Parks Victoria and their vision to enfold the TrailRider in the first place - and then for enabling us to attend the World Parks Congress last month...and for taking so seriously the therapeutic possibilities of immersion into beautiful, natural places on the emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical wellbeing of people living with disabilities. You are awesome, Parks Victoria! You, too, NDIS!

  2. So totally agree. and thank you dear heart for working so long and hard at my side


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