Sunday, December 14, 2014

Parks in their hearts

I think I'm getting blase about doing interviews because I don't remember this one but the phrase, that made the headline and title of this post, does ring a bell.

It is the kind of thing I would say.

It was the same with the phrase
wild places which I used several times in my text and which Pip at Storyscape picked out as the title for the video.
That Thursday in Sydney, in many ways the biggest day of our life, still has repercussions. 

The video of the Adventurers Panel has finally surfaced.

Here you will see, very English, Paul Rose - vice chair of the Royal Geographic Society introducing Jessica Watson (around the world teenage yachtswoman) Sibusiso Vilane (Chief Scout of South Africa) and little old me.

I have cut out Wild Places as you can view that directly.

The interview with ABC Canberra, an excellent pre-cursor to our visit to Tidbinbilla one took place in the afternoon, before the Plenary.

Early in the interview I introduced the vocabularty wheelie and upright and I loved the way that Karen Sloan used one of these words later on.

Sadly she did not take up my invitation to come to Tidbinbilla.

This is the Radio National Life Matters interview again. This experience was head and shoulders above any other radio interview.
Firstly because, for the first time, Ros and I were interviewed together - in separate rooms on separate phones. We loved the chance to be together in this way.

Second was the thoroughness of their preparation. Forty minutes of pre-interview the day before, as we drove to Sydney. It was such a luxury to do an interview where I knew roughly what the next question would be.


  1. This is my favourite post of all.
    What a great few days at the IUCN World Parks Congress in Sydney for us.
    Thank you, John Kenwright, Tanya Smith, Bill Jackson, Katherine Campbell and all Parks Vic staff for your generosity and support to make this happen.

    1. I remember saying at some point something along the lines of "We love Parks Victoria and they love us"

      It is indeed a match made in heaven.

  2. Awesomeness!! Sander and my first time seejng/hearing this. Love it!

    1. I hope this post gives a sense of what a huge thing it was!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I have bookmarked this for future watching. Thank you Ros and Dave.

    From Chris on the Gold Coast.

    P.S. The Google account option no longer shows my email address in the drop down options.

    1. Hi Chris on the Gold Coast. I take it you have a Gmail address. Google must have twiddled something


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