Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Seasons Greetings from Parks Victoria

2014 Parks Victoria Christmas Card. Great Ocean Walk near Apollo Bay
Photo: Flynn Hart 
If you are on Parks Victoria's mailing list you will have received this eCard greeting - they chose this picture from amongst many. Taken by son Flynn Hart, rear sherpa son Josh Hart, front sherpa John Kenwright and me in the hot seat.

Thank you!

But really I want this to be a love letter to Parks Victoria. I hope some PVers are reading.

When we first approached David Roberts in the Grampians back in September 2010 the Healthy Parks, Healthy People program was already well established. As I write this, wearing the HPHP tee shirt that I brought back from the Congress, I feel so grateful to that global gathering for showing us HPHP in its true worldwide context.

We saw that Parks Victoria leads the world in the strengthening of the link between healthy green spaces and healthy humans. As CEO Bill Jackson pointed out this is not just exciting for those humans but also for the parks themselves. It brings an entirely new source of funds to Parks - the Health Budget. Medibank sponsorship of the HPHP stream at the Congress eloquently made that point.

It raises issues. Rangers have expertise with the green but what about the pink/brown? New skills and awarenesses will evolve.

TrailRiders just happened to arrive at the right time and place and Australia, increasingly all of it, is the beneficiary.

If you're a Facie I encourage you to like the Parks Victoria page

and if you agree that HPHP rocks why not Like their page too

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