Saturday, January 24, 2015

A chance to do something about Climate Change

My wife Ros is going hiking in July, in the Kimberleys, far up in the north west of Australia. She, and sixteen others are walking for 11 days to fund raise for the Climate Council.

The Climate Council, which before the 2013 Federal election, was the Climate Commission provided objective, independent information about Climate Change to the Australian population. 

Because Tony Abbott thinks "the future is coal" he defunded the Climate Commission as soon as he was elected.

With the largest ever Australian crowd funding campaign, Professor Tim Flannery, the Climate Commissioner, launched the Climate Council but fund raising must now happen each year.

Tim, too will be in the Kimberleys and, as they walk, 17 people will learn an awful lot more.

The Kimberley Challenge aims to raise at least $100,000 - a tenth of the annual budget. 
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Please be generous to this excellent cause.

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