Friday, February 13, 2015

Access Revolution - Introducing Jordan Kerton

The Access Revolution website - click to visit
One of the great pleasures of a publicly visible blog is the people that come across TrailRider Tales and then get in touch. One such person is Jordan Kerton. We met her two posts ago with her video of the 2006 Kilimanjaro expedition but her guest post, the next post, is an opportunity for us to get to know her better.

Her Access Revolution ( website hits the spot precisely from the same angle that the TrailRider does - namely that disability need be no barrier to true enjoyment of the natural world. In fact, from that website, you can even pop a TrailRider in your online cart and check out with it. My first encounter with online TrailRider shopping!

Being OnIt
Being a bloke I am into gadgets and there are quite a few there. The one that caught my eye was the OnIt Ability Board which offers something I'd never even dreamt about. Having lived in Vancouver I was transported immediately to Deep Cove. I have no idea if this is where the pictures were taken but it is where I imagined climbing onto one. How does that work I wonder?

It being 2015 there is, of course, an Access Revolution Facebook Page.

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