Monday, February 16, 2015

Guest post from Jordan Kerton

It’s a real honor to be invited to share my story as a guest writer on the TrailRider Tales Blog! 

I am a Canadian Recreation Therapist and specialize in outdoor adventure.  I fell in love with the TrailRider in 2005 when I was hired to coordinate the BCMOS adaptive hiking program.  In the years that followed, I have been incredibly blessed with opportunities to be a part of some amazing adventures with this incredible piece of equipment. 

In 2005 I joined the Standing Spirit Project. Our team hiked the rugged West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island and Brad Jacobsen became the first person living with a spinal cord injury to complete the expedition. The TrailRider made this monumental feat possible and impacted all of us in a very profound way. To learn more SSP ARTICLE and watch the SSP VIDEO

In 2006 I lead the NSDRC team to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, for the Climb for Community Living.  We were the only team using a TrailRider because our climber, Brock Metcalf, lives with cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to get around.  It was a life altering and HUGE learning experience for me, and the TrailRider delivered as per usual, having no trouble navigating through some of the most challenging terrain in the world.  A moment that I will never forget is when we hit a giant wall of rock and cliffs that towered above us, and I truly wondered if we would make it.  I felt quite relieved when a sea of Tanzanian porters arrived with piles of rope.  I stood with tears in my eyes watching with amazement, as they worked tirelessly to help Brock and the TrailRider up the cliffs. There is no way we would have been so successful without the amazing support of the Tanzanian locals.  Brock’s resilience and our teams strength in the face of extreme conditions and elements will forever inspire me. Check out the KILIMANJARO VIDEO

In 2014 we launched Access Revolution, a Social Impact Organization that empowers individuals and communities with the tools, equipment and resources necessary, to make their outdoor spaces accessible to all.  AR seeks Access Champions from across the globe to join the movement.  Those who are passionate about creating opportunities for people of all abilities to get outside and live their best life. We all deserve the opportunity to enjoy peace and relaxation in the outdoors, to challenge ourselves, to feel an adrenalin rush and to experience the pure bliss of playing outside with our loved ones.  For more information about Access Revolution check out the AR VIDEO and visit

Written by Jordan Kerton
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