Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dr Dave Tackles Mountains

To my consternation I saw that a friend's Mac was only showing a blank grey square. This should be better I hope.

One of my greatest joys in life is impressing my daughter Dr Jo Stratton and her husband Sander Jansen. It is even better when they let me know. A  bit over a year ago they surprised me with a copy of Dr Dave Tackles Steps which turns the tale of securing better access in Newstead into a delightful children's book.

Now they have produced the second in the Dr Dave series telling the TrailRider tale.

The next step is to publish properly - any thoughts?


  1. This is sooooo... Beautiful. You've hit the jackpot again Jo and Sander. You need to give up your day jobs! And Dave and Ros, congratulations on providing such extraordinary inspiration. A big fat book needs to be written about you in addition to this growing series of slim ones.
    My love to you all

  2. They most certainly have hit the nail on the head. We are looking now for someone that knows a bit more about publishing kid's book that we do. Any thoughts?
    PS Zelman rocks


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